At Global Anthem, our story is rooted in compassion, innovation, and the unshakable belief that every voice deserves to be heard. Founded by Richard Holmes, a passionate advocate for humanitarian causes, and his daughters, Heather Holmes an illustrator and Dharma, a Crisis Support worker.  Global Anthem is on a mission to break down language barriers and empower displaced individuals worldwide.

Our Background

Richard’s journey began with his firsthand experiences as a support worker with Refugee Action. Witnessing the challenges faced by displaced people in their quest for communication, he embarked on a journey of innovation to create a solution that transcends language and culture.


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Our Core Values

We are guided by the principles of empathy, equality, and the unwavering commitment to upholding the rights and dignity of every human being. Our core values are deeply rooted in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Our Mission

Global Anthem’s mission is simple yet transformative: to provide a universal language of understanding through intuitive gestures and prompts. We believe in enabling displaced individuals to communicate their feelings, circumstances, and basic needs effectively. By doing so, we aim to alleviate the immediate social and health challenges associated with displacement and make a profound impact on their lives.


Why do we need this?

The incoming refugee population represents massive logistical challenges for official and charitable bodies that process these individuals to ensure their temporary and longer-term welfare.  One of the most significant challenges is in the area of communication. Refugees arrive with a range of educational abilities and different emotional states. Given the linguistic barriers, the challenge of communicating at the most fundamental level is often impossible. In the UK, the Government has not addressed this issue ‘head-on’. However, it spends significant sums on relatively ineffective translation services and other schemes.

The uprooting of refugees, migrants, and asylum seekers is the most traumatic and educationally disruptive population movement of the 21st century, often involving long periods in and transition through several countries before individuals can return or receive permanent resettlement.